Pictures From Alaska

 From the airport to glaciers, mountains, the Alaska Botanical Garden, Bible clubs and block parties I have a bunch of pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

Left: The mission team at the airport  Right: The awesome view from above 
Below: One of many beautiful flowers

Above: Mountains
Below Left: My dad, me and the Portage glacier 
Below Right: Anchorage Skyline  
Above: My dad and me
Below Left: Another beautiful flower
Below Right: The sign for the Alaska Botanical Garden

Above Left: My dad and me at the Alaska Botanical Garden
Above Right: Forget-Me-Nots (Alaska state flower) 

                                                        Pictures from the Bible clubs

                                                 Pictures from our first Block Party
                                       Left: Ms. Germain  Right: Me teaching the gospel story
                                                        Pictures from our second Block Party

My dad : -)
Left: Tim who accepted Christ at the block party
Right: Me teaching the gospel story (again)

All in all I'll let the pictures speak for the incredible time we all had. I've keep on saying it because it is so true, the Lord worked mightily through the team.


  1. Brooke, your photography is sooo pretty! I especially love the second flower and the mountains =] Sounds like you had a blast in Alaska!


  2. Brooke,I am so proud of you and your dad. You are an awesome writer. So we have another writer in the family. Tell your dad ya'll are awesome and that I love you both.

    Aunt Becky


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