What God Has Brought My Way and Seen Me Through

     I'm suddenly in a writing mood. You see, I haven't been lately. That is the reason for no updates... I haven't been in a writing mood for a year and two months. Why? I'm the type of person who whenever I have a lot of activity in my life, I cannot write. Not a good type of brain for blogging. Anyway, for whatever reason I'm in a writing mood! It's spring break! I've had a wonderful past four days! Now it's time to write!

The Student Council
     So, what has been keeping me so busy? Let me see if I can update you all and not totally take up a bunch of space. Last you heard from me, it was Christmas and I was praying God would see me through being the president of the WHHE teen group. After Christmas more depression hit me, but also a lot of determination to hang in there and get the job done. I did. I completed the year out and lead a successful voting time (something that would have been totally scary a year before). I completed what I set out to do. I brought glory to God. That was my goal.

     During the summer I had another very adventurous ministry. I served in Christian Youth in Action with Child Evangelism Fellowship. This is a ministry that trains and sends out teens to go to parks, day-cares, and apartment complexes and lead 5-day Bible clubs with a main focus on evangelism. I spent 7 weeks with this ministry serving in 18 clubs with 2-4 clubs a week. I was blessed with being able to lead 34 children to salvation. In all 430 kids were reached at my clubs. Working in this ministry is difficult. We teens lead
everything in the clubs. Through it I learned how to lean on God and go to Him for wisdom and strength day by day. I had to. The rest of the weeks of my summer were spent with 2 weeks of summer camp (one at Frontier Camp, and the other at youth group camp), serving at BEACON a day-center for the homeless, and a week of VBS (where I was able to use my Child Evangelism training).

Teaching a Bible Lesson
     After all these summer ministries were ended, I only had two weeks to recuperate and buy books for college... yes, college. Even though I'm a junior in high-school, I started college. I'm taking dual credits at Lonestar, the local community college. It's a great thing to do, I'm getting all the dull classes out of the way and hopefully can shave off half of an associates degree by the time I graduate high-school. Fall semester I took Federal Government and English 1, this semester I'm taking English 2 and Texas Government (yes Texas is so full of itself it requires its college graduates to take a course all about its government). I've been able to adjust fine and even make some friends. It's been tough though, having to act mature in college (and at the Bible clubs this summer) than being treated like a child everywhere else. It's like I have my feet in two worlds. It's a good thing I'm good at adjusting to whatever situation I'm in and being able to fit in...

     College isn't the only big thing I've been involved in recently. This year I've switched my major ministry. I've (gratefully) left behind the WHHE student council days, and have started teaching a 6th grade small group at my youth group at church. It's been an adventure. God has prepared me for this. I have all the skills of teaching from leading a Bible study with my friends, I have skills in putting out fires between the girls from serving in Awana, I have leadership skills that came in handy for leading the girls in a weekend retreat, and I'm really good at putting together events each month because I've had practice from student council days (oh! did I mention the student council decorating committee gave me skills to put together the cutest table decorations??). God really used my past ministries to prepare me for this new ministry.

Some of My Bible Study Group Friends
    God is also really using my Bible study more and more. I started it about January of last year, and have been having it weekly on Saturdays since then. It is difficult for me to keep it up weekly, but God gives strength and fills me up so I can pour out. From what my friends say, the Bible study helps
tremendously. It keeps them accountable and keeps them going. I'm so blessed that God has caused me to have such a great group of friends to pursue this vision of mine to have a close group of Christian friends who can help each other grow in Christ, and to encourage each other to live to please God.

     As I have a chance to sit back, I reflect on all the adventures of my life that God has brought my way and seen me through. These are only some of the ones to come. You may read a list of cool accomplishments and fun times, but I know of the difficulties, the intimate times between me and God, and the deeper relationship with God that came out of these. I've come out of these specific ministries a stronger and more mature Christian. I didn't think I could get more mature, guess I could. Can't wait to see what's next... (Here's a hint: it involves being a junior camp counselor at Frontier Camp!!!! I was accepted!! Training is in mid-May! I've wanted to do this for years!!!)

Thank you Father for seeing me through all of this and for promising to continue doing so. I rely and trust in you. You are so very faithful.

For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose. 
Philippians 2:13