My Thoughts on being 16

     I turned 16 this week! On any special day I always like to make a few lists. I have folders full of little pieces of paper with lists scrawled on them. These lists usually include what I have learned, what I am thankful for, or what I want to remember for the special time that dictates the making of a list. When I write something out on paper; that makes it more than just a thought. It makes it something worth remembering, even if it just sits in a folder for a long time.
     I decided to get a little spiritual on my sweet sixteen. So I sat down and made a few lists: 16 things I'm thankful for, 16 of my favorite things I did this year, and 16 hopes I have for my future.

 16 Things I'm Thankful For 

  1. Growing closer to God.
  2. My God's love that is overwhelming and surpasses my entire understanding.
  3. My family that loves, accepts and appreciates me. 
  4. My church family. I'm so blessed to have a church family that I belong in. I've heard many teens don't feel like they belong at their church.
  5. All the friends God has blessed me with. They are all truly sisters in Christ, and they act like it. 
  6. That God got me through one year of being on my home school teen group's student council successfully.
  7. That my sister has a boyfriend that really treasures her. (Yes, those kind of good guys still existed.)
  8. That I went on a MISSION TRIP TO NICARAGUA!!!!! : ) 
  9. Cute kids who have a want to learn about God, and to learn about God from even me. I wonder if I get more of a blessing out of teaching them then they do. 
  10. Fun things to watch on tv and do on the computer that aren't too ungodly.
  11. My memory foam squish pillow!!!! I love that thing!! It got me through my mission trip (well it was one of the things.....).
  12. Spanish Class.
  13. School and a love of learning that God has given me. 
  14. God's Promises in Scripture.
  15. Beautiful Lake Nicaragua that I was able to gaze out on everyday during my mornings with God on my mission trip.
  16. That I have been able to see God working in different events in my life. 

16 of My Favorite Things I Did This Year

  2. My times with God in Nicaragua. 
  3. Girl's retreat 2011.
  4. Fellowship nights with my friends (COFFE!!!!).
  5. Summer Camp at Frontier Camp.
  6. Cruise to Bahamas and Key West in January 2012.
  7. <3 Mission Houston with my youth group <3 
  8. Writing my many poems.
  9. Posting on my blog.
  10. When I decided to never stop living for God- ever- no matter what happens. 
  11. Helping out at a kid's bible club. 
  12. Playing in a foam pit at church (in other words: acting like a kid in front of a lot of people).
  13. Finding out my love for ORANGE SODA. 
  14. Leading Alex Correo to the Lord (one of the kids in my AWANA class).
  15. Trying to lead a Bible study at home, and also co-leading that Bible study in Nicaragua. 
  16. Hearing God talk to me.

16 Hopes for My Future 
(no matter how fanciful they are)

  1. Survive being the President of my home school teen group's student council.
  2. Continue posting on my blog every week
  3. Help the kid's in my 3rd grade AWANA and Sunday School Class feel loved and truly understand more about God. 
  4. Have a fun Christmas party with my friends. 
  5. Loose weight.
  6. Be content with everything and joyful in everything.
  7. Hear God talking to me everyday.
  8. Truly live my life as a human sacrifice and die to myself everyday. 
  9. Show love to my family how they all deserve to be loved. 
  10. Be fluent in Spanish.
  11. Read all the books that I own and haven't read yet.
  12. Memorize lots of Bible verses. 
  13. To be able to apply scripture to everyday situations and temptations- as they happen.
  14. Find out what I'm gifted at, and find places to do those things. 
  15. Be a camp couselor. 
  16. Do longer mission work/trips.