Poems.... I Love Them.....

While Watching the Sk

By Brooke Budewig

I am watching,
I am gazing, 
At the dreamy sky.

I could almost...
Almost... almost...
Reach out and touch it. 

Then it comes by...
A tiny speck-
A bird way up high.

It is so small,
So miniscule
Compared to the sky. 

How small am I,
Compared to it-
To that high-up sky?

The mighty sky;
That dreamy sky,
That gives joy to all. 

That bird up there:
It's an eagle-
 The mightiest bird. 

What am I then-
Compared to them?
What am I to God?

Well... I am loved;
I am chosen.
They are simply not.



By Brooke Budewig

 Your faithfulness, Lord,
 Is like Your sunshine.
Ever present even
As the moon reflects.  

Light is everywhere,
It's eternal and 
Unchanging so that 
Plants can rely on it.

Light is hidden. In 
Some places: it's blocked.
There darkness lurks around,
Unhindered by the light. 

Flowering faces 
Look up to it and-
Upon seeing it- 
Rejoice and open. 

The Morning Glories 
Open up wide for 
Even a few hours,
 Just because light.  

Hibiscuses blow
Their golden trumpets,
Just for you to notice. 
So that You can enjoy.