A Poem from Nicaragua

In Nicaragua I did something I've always wanted to do: write a poem someplace else besides at my desk. One Sunday in Nicaragua I was a bit bored, so I wrote a poem (I wonder what it was inspired by.....)

My Child
By Brooke Budewig 

My child smiles up at me, 
An inviting smile- 
A trusting smile.

Before she ran away from me.
 She didn't want me;
She didn't trust me. 

I love you, beautiful child,
With innocent eyes 
Reflecting my face.

Come into my comforting arms,
Let me love you and
Fill your life with love. 

My love is all you are needing;
All you require.
I will sustain you.

You don't know it for right now,
But until you do-
Continue in rest.