Tomorrow my family and I will be going to the Louisiana swamp. I hope I can take unusual pictures of unusual swamp like things. If I take some good pictures I will defiantly post them here. I can't wait! I'm all packed and ready to go!!!
     One of the things we will be doing in Louisiana is going to an alligator and turltle farm. The guy who owns the farm's brother is on the show Swamp People that plays on the History Channel. It's a great show and I really hope we can meet him. When you first see this guy on the show hunting alligators in a tin boat wearing short overalls without a shirt on you think he must be a weird-o, but after you see him on the show you find out he's really a neat guy.
     It will be cool to go and meet different Cajun people in Louisiana We are going to stay with my dad's Cajun friend Anna. It is going to be an awesome vacation. : )